Managing Feline Pet’s Stress Levels


low stress handling

If you are the owner of a feline pet and you currently have concerns, then perhaps this short note will help. Perhaps it is also a good time to adopt a new mindset. For instance, destroy the notion that you own an animal and embrace the fact that you are in essence a pet parent. Is it not true that good parents take better care of their young children than their material possessions? Do you see where this is going?

Perhaps one of your pet concerns right now is the distressed state of your cat. Perhaps you are not entirely sure why your cat is showing clear signs that it is just so stressed out. Perhaps it confuses you more because the cat, as you perceive, is completely sheltered indoors, never venturing anywhere out of bounds and out of sight. And therein lies part of the root causes of your cat’s stress. Time to start instituting just a few practical low stress handling techniques.

It is quite understandable that you want to keep the cat sheltered inside. You wish to protect it from all danger. But although the cat is predisposed to long hours of sleep, it still needs to stretch its limbs and have its brief place in the sun. Have you not seen this before? As you walk on by and you peer over your neighbors’ walls, have you not seen how comfortable and cozy some of the neighborhood’s cats look?

Another huge stress factor for the sensitive cat is too much noise with heightened tones in you and your co-habitants’ voices. While this may seem as nothing more than a bit of exciting banter to you, it well and truly gets on the cat’s nerves. So, do try and keep moods calm and noise levels to a minimum.